Meet Our Family

Freight Broker

Wayne Sr- CEO

Wayne has been in the trucking and logistics industry for nearly 40 years, an entrepreneur passionate about helping people develop and grow into great leaders. As the Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for public affairs and relations, strategic operational planning as well as policy interpretation and formulation. Ensuring responsibility for association administration that includes budge and long-range planning and providing oversight to legal compliance. 

Freight Agent

Margie Ann- VP of Operations

As the VP of Operations at BWA logistics Margie provides leadership and oversight helping to develop and grow customer and carrier relationships through collaboration with team members. She has proven track record of solutions development and execution, with in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry including carrier pricing, capacity, and daily market trends. She is responsible for negotiating contract agreements and coordinating the overall business operations and administration policy development.  


Wayne Jr- Director of Sales


Viki- Broker Agent



Mark- Freight Agent

Mark is a broker agent at BWA Logistics with 19 years’ experience in the trucking industry. He understands the challenges from his customers as well as the men and women behind the wheel. Through access to industry leading technology and tracking solutions he uniquely customizes the most cost-effective solutions to accomplish the overall shipping efficiency for every customer. He strives to keep laser-focused on continuous carrier sourcing and capacity acquisition, balancing negotiations and providing superior customer support.


Ray- Broker Agent

As a broker agent with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Ray has first-hand knowledge of the day to day challenges that arise for both shippers and drivers alike.  He served 8 years in the armed forces as a 

U.S Marine. Those experiences have instilled impeccable work ethic and compassion allowing him to become  an industry leading freight specialist. Being goal orientated and result driven, leading his customers to improve overall shipping efficiency by utilizing our industry leading Transportation Management Systems to source top-notch carriers throughout the United States.