Less Than Truckload Shipping

ltl shipping guide

LTL Freight Shipping

  • LTL freight shipping uses truck sharing capacity to reduce costs for shippers.
  •  Best for cargo weighing 150 pounds or greater
  •  It's too large to take to the post office, but too small to order a full truck for delivery 
  • Shipments are palletized or crated, reducing your rate and protentional damage 
  • Can be a fraction of the cost vs full truckload shipments
  • Rates are calculated on dimensions and a specific set of classifications
  • Shipments are set up through local terminals and distribution centers
  •  Transit times may take longer than full truckload due to the shared payload
  •  Is increasingly becoming the most popular way to ship products in smaller quantities

Understanding shipment requirements can sometimes be difficult, let our expert guide help you choose the right decision based on your needs. 

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Shipping Barrels

Best option for shipping bulk liquids or hazardous materials.


Shipping Crates

Choose this option if the items you are shipping are oddly shaped or fragile. Be sure to fill the box with packing peanuts and wrap your item in bubble wrap for maximum protection.



This option is best suited if you are shipping items or boxes of the same shape, stacking them on a pallets then shrink wrapping the entire pallet ensures your products are securely fastened. Remember to avoid having freight beyond the edges. 


Limited Access

limited access shipping

This differs from that of a residential delivery, commercial facilities could be deemed limited access. If the pickup or delivery location is difficult to navigate, its considered limited access. This is true if shipping to a residential as well as commercial address. 


residential shipping

Residential shipping fees are expected on any shipment picked up or delivered to or from a facility that is not classified as a commercial address. 

White Glove Service

white glove shipping services

Considering white glove service if you are shipping items that require special attention, are valuable or you simply prefer to leave the hassle to the professionals. This service includes professionally packaged, strapped, shipped and delivered. You don't have to lift a finger. 


appointment for delivery

If the carrier needs to contact the consignee prior to delivering the product, you will need to have them set an appointment. Traditionally this part of the delivery is completed by the terminal making the delivery. If the carrier isn’t aware that a delivery appointment is necessary the shipment will be rejected at destination. When this happens it will require redelivery,  resulting in additional shipping charges.

Inside Delivery

ltl shipping inside delivery

If the driver is asked or required to deliver the product(s) farther than the tailgate of the truck, the final invoice will include additional fee shipping for their assistance.

Lift Gate

ltl shipping with a lift gate

If the product your shipping will be picked up or delivered at ground level, the carrier will most likely require the use of a lift gate. Not all delivery trucks are equipped with this option . Making it  imperative you mark this option on your bill of lading (BOL) that this service is needed. If the delivery is impossible due to incorrect information, there could be additional fees for redelivery.


measuring ltl shippments

Because carriers are regulated on trailer captivity if the dimension information provided is incorrect on the BOL you could be charged additional shipping fees. It is imperative these dimensions are accurate before the shipment is scheduled for pickup. 


ltl reclassification

This occurs when the shipment is inspected for transit and a discrepancy is found between the listed class and the actual shipping classifications set forth by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system.



If there is a discrepancy at the shipping terminal when the carrier weighs the shipment and finds the total weight to be greater than the weight on the BOL you will see an additional fee added to your final invoice.